Mystery and Evidence

Plato's The Sophist

Plato's Timaeus

From Fish to Infinity

Influence of Ancient Greece on Science and Medicine

Science and Society in Ancient Rome

Galen's Anatomy and Physiology

De Motu Cordis

Studies in the History of Science and Christianity--Copernicus to Darwin

The Journey of Richer

The School at Chartres

Thomas Aquinas


The Copernican System

Copernicus to Darwin

Galileo on Motion

Galileo's Dialogue

The Crime of Galileo

The New Organon


Science and the Philosophes

The Vision of Human Progress: Vico, Gibbon and Condorcet

Science and Islam

The Transoceanic Exchange


Newton the Alchemist

Imperialism and Classification in Biology

Priestley on Air

Joseph Priestley

Is the Universe a Simulation?

The Truth Wears Off